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Each Weekday on the FamilyNet Television Network, see HWW up to 3 Times.  FamilyNet is now Broadcast in 39 States and Canada in 31 Million Homes Worldwide. For a station or cable system near you showing the HWW Show, Click on FAMILYNET TV. Click on the TV Set on the left side of the FamilyNet Website ( ) and Enter Your Zip Code where instructed, for where you can watch the HWW Television Show! For more information, call 888-541-3997.


HWW is shown on SKY ANGEL Satellite on the Liberty Channel (9716) each Weekday from 8-8:30 AM Eastern. The Sky Angel subscription is $11.99 per month and is available by calling 1-888-759-2643 to subscribe and for installation and equipment information.

HWW is also now broadcast 3 times daily at 7:30 am, 11:30 am and 12:00 am Pacific each Weekday on the Dish Network Channel 9414 on FamNet. The HWW Show is included in the "All Channels Package" or "America's Top 180" Package for $44.95 Monthly by calling 800-333-DISH (3474) - Satellite Dish and Dish 500 Upgrade required. 

Various promotional packages are usually available on both Sky Angel and Dish Network (Prices quoted for Sky Angel and Dish Network are subject to change without notice by the respective satellite systems).

HWW Broadcast Times in Most Areas are:

EASTERN 10:30-11:00 AM MON-FRI, with replays in many areas at 2:30 PM MON-FRI and 3:00 AM TUES-SAT

CENTRAL 9:30-10:00 AM MON-FRI, with replays in many areas at 1:30 PM MON-FRI and 2:00 AM TUES-SAT

PACIFIC 7:30-8:00 AM MON-FRI, with replays in many areas at 11:30 AM MON-FRI and 12:00 AM TUES-SAT

Times can vary by TV or Cable Channel, so check with local FamilyNet Affiliates for exact broadcast times in your area.

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Photos from left: HWW Producer Vanderbilt Ostermick with Frank and Dr. Helen Pensanti; Fran DiGiacomo with Frank; Frank's Executive Asst., Marilyn Gilliland with Frank; Frank with Dr. Patrick Quillin, a member of the HWW Medical Staff; and Frank with Dr. Mary Ann Block



Air Dates Day Program (WW) Guest Guest' Topic Frankly Speaking by Frank Jordan
03/01/04 Mon ww 79 Patrick Quillin, PhD Exercise Flu Pandemic
03/02/04 Tue ww 39 Jordan Rubin ND Elimination Help Pet Therapy
03/03/04 Wed ww 103 Ward Bond, NMD Antioxidants Sugar Drinks
03/04/04 Thu ww 86 Kort Pearson Vitamin E & Skin Care CoEnzyme Q10
03/05/04 Fri ww 95 John & Vicki Yawn PhD Candida Albicans Probiotics
03/08/04 Mon ww 26 King Hoover Exercise Digestion
03/09/04 Tue ww 40 Jordan Rubin ND Intestinal Bowel Syndrome Sleep
03/10/04 Wed ww 36 Deborah Banker, MD Eye Health Job Satisfaction
03/11/04 Thu ww 48 Darrell Thompson Grapefruit-Weight Loss Marriage Myths
03/12/04 Fri ww 31 Mary Ann Block DO Violence & Drugs Gout
03/15/04 Mon ww 53 Gisella Whittington Children's Heart Health Hair Loss
03/16/04 Tue ww 41 Jordan Rubin ND Inflammatory Bowel Disease Marriage Garden
03/17/04 Wed ww 57 John Diamond MD, HMD Past Becomes the Future Child Psychiatric Drugs
03/18/04 Thu ww 27 Charlie Fox Aged Garlic Stroke
03/19/04 Fri ww 43 Fran DiGiacomo Surviving Cancer Generic Drugs
03/22/04 Mon ww 38 Mary Ann Block DO Ear Infections Lower Back Pain
03/23/04 Tue ww 42 Jordan Rubin ND Candida/Fungus Drug Risks
03/24/04 Wed ww 78 Patrick Quillin, PhD Fats - Good and Bad Tinnitus
03/25/04 Thu ww 58 John Diamond MD, HMD Detox/Liver Periodontal Disease
03/26/04 Fri ww 56 Len Lopez, DC Blood Sugar Self Esteem
03/29/04 Mon ww 70 Kenneth Hunter ScD Beta Glucan Health History
03/30/04 Tue ww 63 Jordan Rubin ND Physical Health Important vs Urgent
03/31/04 Wed ww 87 Meredith Hocken Hygiene Hand Washing
































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